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Swedecar is the younger of the South Bay’s collection of Saab/Volvo specialty shops, but nevertheless, the owner and mechanic Anders Johannesson has had a life long experience working with Saabs and Volvos in his native Sweden, spanning more than 25 years.

His interest in motors started at age 7, when his late aunt gave him his first moped, which he later tried to repair using an axe, the repair of which has passed Statute of Limitations by now.

Growing up, he repaired bigger and heavier things,
covering go-carts, motorcycles and tractors, and at about 17 years of age, it was time to tackle cars.

Since all boys in his part of Sweden were involved in the sport Rally (car racing on closed off surface streets), it was just a matter of time before he entered the arena, not as a driver but mechanic for his friends driving Saabs and Volvos.

It started with 2-stroke Saab 96 Monte Carlo and a Volvo 122 Amazon, and passed through Saab 96 V4s and Volvo 140s and up.

Between 1981 and 82 Anders lived in Cyprus, Mediterranean working for United Nations as a driver/mechanic repairing Military Volvos, Land Rovers and Bedford trucks.

That earned him and all his fellow UN soldiers the Alfred Nobel Peace Prize when it was awarded to the UN Peace Keeping Forces in 1988.

After years of repairing cars as a hobby, he went into the professional market in 1988 and worked on the Volvos owned by a taxicab company. Three years later, the pull of the American dream became too strong so he moved to Los Angeles and started to work for Swedish Service in Santa Monica, specializing in Saabs and Volvos.

The last eight years he has been honing his skills on Saabs and Volvos at the Swedish Car Clinic in the South Bay.

Now he is ready to welcome you at his own shop and hopes that he can provide you with the excellence and honesty you and your car deserve.

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Disclaimer: Anders Johannesson and Swedecar are not affiliated with or in any way related to Saab or Volvo of North America, Saab or Volvo automobiles or any new car manufacturer.