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Saab and Volvo use the same intervals for most of their basic service.

However, please note: The service requirements might be a little bit different on your specific year/model car, but not more than the below suggestions. Contact us for more information.
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SWEDECAR’s recommendations are 6 Month or 5,000 miles between oil changes, and 30,000 miles between major service.

A typical major service includes replacing/changing:

•Engine oil and filter
Transmission oil or fluid
Coolant (every two years)
Spark plugs
Cap, rotor and wires (60,000 miles)
Air filter
Pollen filter
Fuel filter (60,000 miles)
Brake fluid (every two years)
Complete safety check up
Rotate tires (if needed)
Lube all hinges
+Additives (Coolant, Trans and Fuel)
*Timing belt (if applicable)

Please contact us for specific intervals for you car.

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